Key Points on How to Develop Mobile Apps

Key Points on How to Develop Mobile Apps
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The number of smartphone users has been increasing. The gradual increase in the number of Smartphone has gradually raised the demand for mobile app. Developers are more interested in mobile app development, as it is one of the ways of getting rich in a short span of time.We will find every other person carrying Smartphone. The most exciting part of Smartphone as per the users is the Mobile app. In such a situation mobile app development holds an eminent position. There are many with smart-phones in hand and they download your enterprise mobile app. But what if they just forget it after downloading it, or if they uninstall it sooner or later? To avoid such situations, one must be sure about the UI designs of mobile app, which should be capable enough to engage user. There are certain principles for mobile app development. Fortunately, now we have mobile app integrated development environment and simulators to ease the app development and testing process. Following are some of the key points –

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develop mobile app

develop mobile app

Mobile App Development

One app, single objective must be your agenda.  While you go to develop mobile apps, you should not try to make it a solution for many needs. Focus on offering with a single objective and create your mobile application around it.

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Never just import, what you have already designed for one platform to other platform (iOS to Android, Web to iOS, Android to BlackBerry etc). Specialties of the target operating system should be taken into consideration. When you create big enterprise apps to be used in various platforms and devices, the level of standardization should be greater than in consumer apps. Cross platform app development thus is far critical than native apps. App will click only if it connects to end users.

Throughout the designing process, you should care for the speed user will get. UI and functionalities may be splendid, but if speed is not there, the users will abandon it. Most of the successful apps are faster than their counterparts.

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Never feel that everyone will give his/her entire attention to the mobile app you design.  Successful mobile app designs optimize one thumb/one eyeball experiences. The big pictures and huge tap targets are preferable.

Build eye-catching interface, which is crucial to make your app popular and sustaining.  You can make use of the elaborate interface design libraries provided by the mobile platforms. Making use of the API collections can lead to as visually attractive user-interface UI.

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Facilitating easy updates is very helpful to retain your customers.  Push notifications can be given when new updates are available. Old version should be substituted by the new whole update procedure.

AI, VR and IoT for mobile to enable brand innovation

The technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are used by mobile devices to scale brand innovation. Conversational apps will gain an advantage by the advancement of AI and personal assistants supported by voice feature. For e-commerce apps, travel apps and education apps, VR opens opportunities for next-gen developments.

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Author is a senior business analyst and an expert in cross platform mobile app development.

Multiplatform app development is on the rise

Flutter was unveiled at Mobile World Congress (2017) and is currently in full use. This framework is the only mobile SDK providing reactive views with no need for a JavaScript bridge. Another promising solution is Kotlin/Native, a technology for compiling Kotlin to native binaries. It allows you to develop native apps with the help of native libraries and instruments (Xcode, Android Studio). All of the native platforms’ capabilities are available through Kotlin / Native.

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  1. With recent release of new smartphones iphone 6 and iphone6 plus mobile app developers get a chance to explore new native functionalities of iphone6.

  2. New tools like Sencha Touch , Phonegap, Titanium and Xamarin Rolls Out Even More Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Goodness.

  3. The iWatch is expected to be beautiful and functional, a hell good wearable gadget integrating the core components of iOS 8 into its functional aesthetics.

    Companies, which intend to develop new apps with the iOS 8 beta, they should know that iWatch is on the way. Nowhere in the documentation or developer libraries for iOS 8 is there a section that discusses smartwatch app development.

    Take a closer look at what is actually in iOS 8. If you have studied iOS 8 through the beta period this summer, there is a good chance that you already know everything you are going to need to build iWatch apps. Great time awaits.

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