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Mobile Game Development

Mobile game development

is one of the fastest-developing niches in the game development industry over the last decade. Mobile games previously available only in black and white, are now real-time multiplayer games. The growth of Apple iOS and Android OS has propelled mobile game development to another orbit. Until few years back, when only few

mobile game development companies

were focusing more on console based games, to now, when many individual game developers and professional mobile game development companies are actually focusing on iOS and android based mobiles games.
Our team of mobile game development experts continue to keep the smash hits rolling. With experience in developing games for diverse genres such as Action, Sports, Fantasy, Strategy, etc. our team is always on the lookout for unique ideas. Our developers use Flash ActionScript 3.0, JQuery, HTML 5, Open GL, PHP, ROR, MySQL and Unity 3D to make static ideas into rich and functional social games that stand out from the rest.

What makes us awesome Mobile Game Development Company

  • Over 15 application for various domains in 6 months.
  • We provide Strong Administrative Back-end and analytics for applications
  • We Make the Best Use of Isometric Technology.
  • We are a leading 2D Game development agency in India
  • We Are a Premier Unity 3D Game Development Company.
  • With our 60 days of maintenance, you bet we will be taking care of your application, post the official launch.
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    Developing Mobile App, which platform to choose – Android or iOS?

    Android operating system, as per the latest reports own 83 per cent of the global smart-phone market today. Several thousand new users are getting added on a day to day basis. But from the monetization perspective its totally opposite. Apple OS is the front runner with a five times greater returns than Android OS.

    End User Experience

    Regarding UI or UX, iOS has a clear edge over its rival Android OS. In high definition, iOS UIs looks way better and give a lot better experience.


    Publishing a mobile app on android OS is way easier than iPhone OS.

    So before you choose between iOS and Android, you may take into consideration your target users and the special features of your app.