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If a well-developed travel app is launched, then it is important to make App Store visibility too. Optimizing the app listing helps in improving the rankings and visibility of the app your travel company owns. It helps in gaining more revenue through the increased number …

In recent scenario, renting a car is as easy as lifting your phone from the desk. Before, you had to pre-book online and make the payment in advance to hire a car for one or two days’ service. App development services have improved in such …

Wearable devices can run directly on any wearable device. It gives access to certain low-level hardware like services, activities, sensors and more. It is important that the wearable app should contain companion app before it gets released to the Google Play store. Because the wearable …

Google is always aiming to provide most relevant information at the fastest pace. When we talk about quick responses in mobile, it is sure that many websites are lacking behind. After 3 seconds delay in loading time, users will decline the websites. Accelerated Mobile Pages …

Enterprise mobility strategies’ development and deployment for business are considered to be a lengthy process. But it enables your workforce to access enterprise data. A number of factors have to be ensured before you begin the development process. It will help in analyzing the mobile-readiness …

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