What are the factors that have to be checked before designing an app?

What are the factors that have to be checked before designing an app?
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A design for the small screen with shorter attention span, UI design should be fast. Usually, the mobile app design should be easy and unique so that any user can find that to be interesting. A good interactive design of your app can add value to the business. Several apps developed on Android and iOS platforms are being released to the app stores on a daily basis. But how many of them are really user-friendly? A good app design reflects the image of the company and its services.

Designing an app

designing an app

While designing a mobile app, screen size isn’t the only constraint. The first step of creating a successful app UI, the users, and their interests have to be thoroughly studied.

Therefore certain factors have to be checked before designing an app. They are as follows:

Goal oriented design

Audience analysis is mandatory for any app design. A market research among the target users in the form of surveys and interviews will help you get personas of the people who would preferably use your mobile application. This process can help the designer to identify goals of the app and design it accordingly. The needs of the user matter when you wish to create a workflow which suits their interests.

Usage rate

Developing an app and make it really hard for end-user to use it, can never help your business. The usability of your app can prompt the user to download it from the App Store and use it repeatedly. This can be enhanced by the usage of familiar mobile patterns. Refer common mobile platforms and interfaces which are popular among the users. It doesn’t mean that the app developer has to copy the exact design of a popular app but define common mobile platforms as a baseline of usage rate.

Balance between research and design

The research and design work happens simultaneously. The designer needs to develop a user flow by creating a small prototype of it. Also, he needs to identify how the contents and actions flow for the app by analyzing the prototype and rectifying the flaws.

Experience maps

Developers will have personas which depict the expected behavior of app users. This will help you in driving the decisions of the users of the app. Experience map depicts each step taken by personas from the moment they download and use the app. It will help the developer to recognize the emotions and circumstances that surrounding those steps.

Designing an app

Designing an app

Accessibility of design

At times designers opt for small fonts for texts and tight layouts. It would be difficult for old aged users to read those texts and make an accurate tap. To avoid that difficulty, it is always better for the designers to use adaptive design and make the text readable in different smart devices.

A good app with the regular update is always helpful in marketing. Customers need to get prompting messages to open apps and use it. Most of the apps designed and developed after investing lump sum revenue may not be properly indexed. This will result in less visibility in various App Stores. Also, your job doesn’t end when multiple downloads happen. Add-on features to the UI will ensure that your app is used.

Incorporation of gestures and animations which result in an intuitive mobile interaction design makes it easier to use the application. Minimal colors, clean design with big buttons for call-to-action can enhance the user rate across each screen.

An ideal app design should enable the user to do the desired task within 3 steps. Avoid clutters to ensure smooth processing of the apps. For the success of an app, pre-launch research is crucial to ensure its success.

How to find a best android application developer for custom app?

Though quite supple, the task of hiring android developer is quite challenging and complex. Therefore, it is very important to hire an experienced team of well known Android App Development company. A good app developer should have a habit to bring incomparable and peerless Android development services to help brands to gain excellence in the market. Pro Android programmer should be well experienced in latest technologies which includes Android SDK and Framework APIs. On the platform of JAVA language, he should be expertised in delivering android apps by interfacing with the phone through the SDK which can access various device sensors such as camera, accelerometer, gyrometer, magnetometer, scanners, light sensors and exchange data via bluetooth or near field communication (NFC).

5G wireless is just around the corner.

While 2018 was the year when fixed 5G apps found their legs, in 2019 we will see 5G wireless finding its way to our Smartphones. 5G will expand the potential outcomes that present systems like 4G LTD offer by not only improving the user experience but additionally the mobile application development market. Applications that currently take minutes to download, under 5G, will be available in not more than seconds. It is 100 times quicker than 4G and will expand the application market as the possibilities for applications will be tremendous.

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