How can you ensure data security with the help of Mobile ERP solutions?

How can you ensure data security with the help of Mobile ERP solutions?
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Recently, we have several big companies take the aisle in the app saw economy. This has caused a paradigm shift in the way companies look at their business models today. With the adoption of application culture, these companies are now looking at the bigger picture, where the advantages of large mobility solutions have to offer. This not only gives them a competitive edge but also helps them improve performance through effective resource planning, reduces waste and increases overall productivity.

ERP solutions for Mobile App

ERP solutions for Mobile App

Mobile Solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) help large enterprises optimize business processes and inventory, interact with customers on time, human resource management and ultimately increase business Of sale. It is therefore not surprising that mobility is a revolutionary ERP movement for the industry. In fact, it is the perfect combination and use of ERP software and mobile workers. Mobile ERP solutions has enabled large amounts of data on the go. This progression is driven by the availability of mobile applications and well-designed devices, which is fully equipped to handle large amounts of data.

However, this is the all-time access to large databases on mobile devices also has concerns about data security.

Whether it is a business in the pharmaceutical industry or retail, protecting sensitive data from hackers is a priority. For example, pharmaceutical data contains important information about drug receipts or the cooking process, so a data theft situation could mean significant losses to a pharmaceutical company. Similarly, always a financial company a stable security cover require full protection of bank data from hackers to guarantee against attacks.

Companies take data security very seriously. Therefore, opt for enterprise solution mobility to test a decision for large companies and an error here could all EMM solution (Enterprise Management Mobility) has become in the game of danger.

So here is a list of robust mobile security features for ERP

1) Safety of the device

As part of this enterprise applications may look at certain features that allow remote locking or wiping your mobile device if the device is lost or stolen. Another possible function is added to corporate passwords and a mechanism configured to detect abuse of equipment by manipulating device settings, interference with roots and other peripheral suspicious activities. Additionally, device features such as security locking devices and blacklisting of suspicious applications or applications can improve the privacy of hackers from unknown sources as well.

Mobile Solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning

Mobile Solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning

2) Location tracking

Although this seems a fundamental aspect of security for an EMM, but it is important. Location and tracking device could minimize a lot of security issues.

3) Secure Remote Access

This is the security aspect includes a private connection to create encrypted between mobile devices and the corporate network. With this measure, information is transmitted via a private, encrypted connection difficult to decipher by hackers, whether the information sharing network occurs at the office or at home, or Wi-Fi public.

4) Encryption

To deepen the encryption makes encryption meaningful as part of an EMM have. IT companies can have complete control over the system and the encryption process by an independent workspace include applications based on all stored enterprise data. With a safe workspace instead, as long as the user switches to an application outside protected work area applications with critical data is automatically blocked. With strong backup encryption, the data remains secure in a device without password protection.

5) Protection against data leakage

The DLP may prevent intentional or unintentional disclosure of data from a mobile device. This means that DLP can provide authorized access to applications on a device.

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