How can you earn money from free mobile applications?

How can you earn money from free mobile applications?
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There are several ways to monetize free apps. Application purchases and advertising in the application allow the increase in income of the applications within the starting price that prevent users from downloading the application. The choice that use is a question of the type of application plans to launch it and the nuances of its users.

Freemium mobile applications

Freemium mobile applications

In-App Purchases

An application used in-app purchases, a free version of the application will contain additional, optional and paid features. These are frequently observed in gaming applications where the user is prompted to purchase at a new level, equipment and supplies. These types of shopping stimulate repeat shopping because they are consumed, like buying extra lives in Crush Saga Candy.

Application purchase outside the world of mobile gaming applications such as Calcbot, 1Password or even Apple music. This second buying application of the category allows you what you buy to use as opposed to consumer materials that remain once unused as extra life in Crush Saga Candy.

Free mobile applications that have a payment component allow access to a function or a number of additional functions are called “freemium”. There are several ways to approach a freemium application. You can only with the basic functions, such as with Calcbot (for example, a user buys the “convert” feature) or even the user is allowed a free version of the application provides a first set of test features and then locks behind A request to purchase that Apple Music. This latest approach requires a lot of development, but it is to have any real attempt in the application stores a solution.

Applications iOS and Android also offer automatic renewable subscription options in app purchases. These subscriptions are used to provide application content or functionality for a specified period of time. A good example is our family signal client that a self-renewable subscription in iOS used for your applications that families can stay in touch with each other. Magazine subscriptions are particularly suited for applications that have connected for operating costs, such as server maintenance or the creation of new content.

In-app Advertising

Advertising application comes in a variety of sizes, positions and locations in mobile applications. The amount of revenue is generated by advertising on the application based on traditional advertising models. Advertising can pay for clicks, impressions, countries whose users and display format with videos are worth more than static ads usually.

There are mobile ad networks offer a variety of patterns and sizes in implementing the advertising strategy and steps to follow served the top performing ads. Hongkiat through some of the great networks here, including Google AdMob and Millennial Media.

Focus on user growth

In applying purchases or advertising to use only a small fraction of users on the basis, it does not matter whether your free app will always be useful to generate revenue from your application to generate. Therefore, your free application needs grow a base of active and large users, so that this small percentage actually represents a substantial income.

Website development

Website development

It is important to keep the value of a churn rate of customers on parameters such as free conversion rates, lifetime (recurring subscriptions) and comparable items. Andreessen Horowitz recently he published a guide to the main financial indicators of income to help companies focused on, especially young companies to identify the key indicators of health monitoring a company. And John Egan, a Pinterest engineer, showed growth, these parameters appear in an article earlier this year. Without a good eye on these settings, you are poorly equipped to develop your application to the extent that the minority of users generates revenue.

Get to know your market demand and its users

Do your research. Check applications in competitor application stores to identify best practices for monetizing similar applications. Although it is difficult to deduce exactly how much money you throw your competitors, you can kind of marketing strategies that they use and how to identify for impressions or options, to customize the content of their applications. Familiarize yourself with competitor techniques and ask yourself if you miss a great opportunity. You write applications elements of competitors that can improve your monetization strategy or do to improve a better application.

Maintain a deep understanding of its users as a research contest so important for your application in construction, if not more. This applies in particular to the development of a mobile monetization strategy. Since some public users for something to pay extra to use or type ranked, it is important to know what attracts and motivates its users. Research demographics and trends of your audience and presents relevant to what you want to advertise. For purchases in the application balancing their free application, it must offer the convenience of additional paid fees. For tilting too far in one direction and the user no value when using the application. Inclination is too different and the user does not buy additional features.

Subtle and action

Remember, the purpose of your application. Mobile users require. Little tolerate an application that only to make money with advertising or concentrated purchases in application. The success of free applications interweaves their monetization efforts on the implementation of a normal part of the user experience to feel.

How Android app development companies are helping enterprises globally?

A mobile device with an Android operating system is very common at the present scenario. More than 75% of the mobile devices are running on Android and thus android application development companies are surging. The present day, entrepreneurs market their business and create a brand name for themselves with the help of Android apps for their business thus fueling the need of android application development and hiring android programmers in house. Social media can further enhance the effect, by marketing the android business app and engaging into the process of creating a brand name for the company.

Multiplatform app development is on the rise

Flutter was unveiled at Mobile World Congress (2017) and is currently in full use. This framework is the only mobile SDK providing reactive views with no need for a JavaScript bridge. Another promising solution is Kotlin/Native, a technology for compiling Kotlin to native binaries. It allows you to develop native apps with the help of native libraries and instruments (Xcode, Android Studio). All of the native platforms’ capabilities are available through Kotlin / Native.

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