How do I Hire Remote App Developers in India?

How do I Hire Remote App Developers in India?
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Hiring remote app developers means your development team is not limited to a certain geographic location. You might get the best ones, regardless of location and get benefit from highly professional and talented people from multiple locations. I understand you are having questions that how to hire and manage remote app developers? Here you will find some important facts to consider while hiring remote mobile developers and web developers

Advantage of hiring remote

  • Lets you hire top developers in India
  • Sustainable cost advantage
  • Better time utilization
  • Faster scalability
  • Higher retention rates


Tips to hire remote app developers

Remote App Developers

Remote App Developers


Nowadays most of the company functions as a R.O.W.E (Result Only Work Environment), but some still have a stronghold on the old fashioned only working apart from any other activities. But if you are looking to hire top talent, try to lose the traditional workplace as much as you can. The great way to pull the attention of new talent to your company is by listing your remote company’s flexible work policy in its job description.

Where to look

To source remote workers who can be right for your company, look specialized sites that cater to your platform-specific app developer. I suggest Linked, in to be the best site where you can find key roles and responsibilities of an app developer explained properly. You can also find certification done, as well as its day to day industry update activities to judge its skills.

Seek out their soft skills

Education, experience and technical knowledge is a common thing found in every candidate. Instead, I’ll suggest HRs’ to look for soft skills i.e., time management, tech-savvy, and strong communicator that is necessary to work remotely.

Productivity Tools

Using online tools such as project management software, collaborative creation tools and more help you to feel comfortable and saves time while communicating with the expert teammates. The alternative saves you time and allows you to majorly concentrate on app development. The software schedules meeting regularly, phone calls also a creation of work reports. It notifies regular updates on call and progress reports. The software also assigns tasks, and a deadline of it so that it will be meaningful, creative and important to you.

How to keep track of a remote app developer

Now it’s no more a hesitation and risky to hire a remote app developer. Facts to be considered to keep a detailed track of your virtual app developer are as follows:

Take Interview: A remote developer is a judge based on how efficiently and timely communication and tasks are handled.

Sign Legal Agreements: Agreement such as NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and other needful as per the client requirements.

Rapid Communication Tools: Remote developers should know how to handle communication software and also project management tools to help clients to see their progress with screen sharing, add tickets, keep track of work, etc.

Define tasks for Remote Developer: Assign a project manager to take a regular look at the project, provide reports and updated regularly.

Work Tracking Software: The software would provide a complete detailed report of the working hours, coding, and time is taken. This will both parties to have an idea on the on-going development. 

Manage HR Policy: Usually, HR policy doesn’t include timing, leaves, break time, etc.     

App Development Cost

App Development Cost

Ending Words

Remote app developers have a very good working relationship with various companies across India and also deal with multiple clients at any one time. Years full of professional learning, travel, personal life, and new experience provide them with involved exposure, which gives a clear way to new ideas. It is been seen that remote app programmers are more inspired, passionate and motivated about their work as flexibility plays a vital role in the working environment. Hiring a remote app developer can be a little difficult, but it is also a major step to reduce onboard expenses cost your business.

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