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After e-commerce, m-commerce (mobile commerce) is paving the way for online shopping, marketing and business. Thanks to growing number of smartphone users which is driving the growth of m-commerce. It is define as "the buying and selling of goods and services via mobile/wireless technologies and devices". Looking for


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mobile commerce
Last few years witness the entry of many e-commerce companies which made impressive profits. The evolution of e-commerce has given birth to


. It is basically the use of mobile device to buy articles, pay bills, redeem coupon etc. There are so many speculation associated with this emerging field. Amidst all speculations, it has managed to grab the attention of big players and occupy a prominent place in the industry. Eyeing the m-commerce market potential, big telecom companies are planning to introduce WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) - enabled smart phones.
Evolution of E-Commerce to M-Commerce
Recently, the industry saw a swift shift of e-commerce to m-commerce thus scaling demand of mobile app development from online retailers and stores. Smartphone penetration into the market has propelled this shift. The popular e-retailers are registering 25 times more sales through smartphones in a single year. Secondly, the growing app mania among smartphone users has also boosts the growth of m-commerce. In the highly competitive retail market, price is the king. Developing and maintaining a retail app is easy and inexpensive than maintaining a website. Moreover, mobile app offers customized and better shopping experience compared to website.
Some Impressive Stats on M-Commerce
  • According to a leading e-commerce company, the value of m-commerce transaction is expected to cross $3.2 trillion by 2017.
  • It is estimated that m-commerce market will touch US $800 billion mark worldwide by 2016.
  • The global mobile transaction volume and value is expected to grow by 35 percent annually.
  • The m-commerce market is expected to reach $721 billion mark with more than 450 million users by 2017.
Future of M-Commerce
With more reliable content delivery via wireless devices, it is expected that mobile commerce will outshine e-commerce platform for digital commerce transactions. The whooping number of mobile user base opens up more opportunity in m-commerce field. It has huge potential to expand in both consumer as well as enterprise markets. A surge of more than 10x has been reported in annual m-commerce investment and it is expected to increase further. Big companies are even trying to bring in speech recognition software for mcommerce transaction. Speech recognition facility will ensure the safety and reliability of

mcommerce platform

On-demand ecosystem is made up of several different categories like ride booking, food delivery, at-home service and even job on-board amongst others. Out of all new categories, taxi app development is one of the top. If you are looking to develop a taxi app in India, you may get it at a very right pricing. There are three main modules in a taxi app which includes passenger app, driver app and admin panel. The cost of taxi app with basic features is expected to between $15000 to $20000. Mobileapptelligence has a ready product for taxi operators and car rental companies, which can be deployed within weeks including native mobile applications.
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