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App development process doesn't stops at planning, designing and app development. There many things that needs to be done beyond app development process. The mobile app market is crowded with millions of apps. According to a study by leading research agency, around 1.79 billion apps are registered across the four major app platforms i.e. Google, Apple, Windows and Blackberry.

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Mobile app download is expected to double worldwide in next four years. It is predicted to grow from 80 billion to 160 billion by 2017. In such a flourishing

app development market

, it is necessary to position your app in an effective and strategic way. Users usually discover an app while browsing in the app store, through friends and family, browsing "most popular" list in an app store, ads on mobile phone, websites and magazines or newspaper.
However, most of the time users come across an app while browsing the app stores. In US, 55% of smartphone users browse the app store to find relevant mobile apps. Social recommendation is also a common way through which users know about an app. It is very important to market and positioned your app in the blooming app market otherwise it will get lost in the crowd. Once the app is developed and ready for deployment, implement effective marketing strategy to market your app.
Sometimes an app may go viral without marketing, advertising or user acquisition. But it is not true in every case. Effective marketing can give an app an instant fame. The app may witness an exponential growth after implementing marketing strategy. Your app will get noticed by the potential users through marketing and promotion.
Press Release
Media is the best platform to announce launch, update and facelifts. Media easily penetrates to every section of the society and thus helps your product to get attention from a huge number of people. While launching an app, generate a press release for the media. Media will take care that the news of the

app launch

is widely circulated.
Facebook Advertisement

Facebook app advertisement

is the best platform to promote your app. App installs is considered as Facebook's best performing ad products. It has reported over 350 million install till now. Place your app in Facebook advertisement platform and see you app growing forever.
App Submission
Using ASO (App Store Optimization) is the best way to improve an app's search ranking. Before optimizing your app through app store optimization, you should know your target audience which will help to learn the keywords that users might use to find similar app. Usually 100 character descriptions is required to run suitable results.
Social Media
Social media marketing is one of the widely used marketing platforms. As people hook on to social sites to be in touch with friends and family, companies are extensively using this platform to advertise and market their products. According to research, social media has a small yet effective role in promoting an app. It has been found that one in five users give credit to social sites like Facebook and Twitter for making them aware of new apps. Creating and launching social media pages for app is a cheaper way of advertising. Publishing news and engaging content in the social media sites is a good way to get noticed in the internet world.
It has been studied that about 14% to 16% of mobile phone users notice apps through web-based search queries. Users also employ online search engines to search best relevant apps. Microsite is an independent webpage where information related to any product can be updated. In a microsite, one can explain the features, advantages, and benefits of an app. One can also add high advantages, and benefits of an app to help other users know more about the app. Therefore, microsite also acts as an effective marketing platform for app.
Users' feedback helps to rectify the glitches in an app. Many apps fail to make a position in the market because designers do not focus on the user's feedback to fix the problems in an app. The process of gathering user's feedback and implementing them in an app to improve it further is called pivoting. It helps to modify a product as per user's expectation and to reach the target customer. App developers can embed products like Flurry, Omniture, and Google analytics to identify the features that are appreciated by users and the features that are not considered by users. This provides a clear picture of the good and bad features of an app which can be implemented in the next version update to improve the functionality of an app.

App development process

is certainly a long and expensive one. But it is even more challenging to market and position your app in the industry. However, it goes a long way to make your app successful and popular amidst competitive app environment and a professional app development company can certainly help you in that.
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App developers are the backbone of any good mobile app product. They understand the requirements, communicate back to you with their queries, create the work-flow using your ideas and deliver your mobile apps. If you are in need of mobile app development or upgrade of existing mobile app a senior mobile app developer is what you need, either permanent or contract. You can search on platforms like toptal / freelancers or if you wish to hire a small team of dedicated mobile app developers in India,
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