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In today's world mobile apps and mobility solutions are no longer an alternative, but has become a need for better strategy. Mobile apps are helping to boost brand awareness and improve the consumer experience. Smart apps present you infinite opportunities by regularly interacting with your customers. We can think of an app for anything under the sun, but important question is - How to

develop mobile apps


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how to develop mobile apps
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There has been a steep demand for consumer and enterprise level mobility solutions over the last few years. To develop mobile apps for your business, hire professional mobile application development company with proven experience in business and enterprise apps. The app development company should have expertise in developing mission critical, data and performance centric apps using cloud web services like AWS (Amazon Web Services), NFC, Rackspace, Azure, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Content Delivery Networks etc. They should be capable enough in

developing mobile apps

like enterprise, e-commerce, educational, gaming mobile apps.
Categories of Mobile Apps
  • Native Apps
  • Cross Platform Apps
  • Hybrid Apps

Tools and Technologies Used to Develop Mobile Apps

  • For iOS - Most of the applications for Apple store is written with Objective-C programming language. X-code is the most preferred for the development of iOS applications. The iOS app development tools used include Mac OS X, iOS 7 SDK, Xcode 5 which are part of the iOS SDK.
  • For Android - The most commonly used programming language for Android store is Java which is used in combination with eclipse integrated development environment (IDE). Android Developers Tool (ADE) is the tool provided by Google, which acts as the plugin for standard Eclipse IDE and helps in supporting features like graphical layout definition and debugging.
In 2019, custom mobile app is a must for your brand.
It is not just the biggies like Amazon, Alibaba and Flipkart, who want to increase user experience and hence sales through their own mobile applications. Now even the smaller players including the local businesses want to have their own apps created according to their requirement. So, besides the traditional industries like healthcare, insurance, fitness, e-commerce and fintech, businesses as varied as food delivery, organic products, laundry services, plumbing, bespoke tailoring, handbags and accessories designing, etc. will want their own mobile apps suited specially to their niche customers.
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how to develop mobile app
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