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Best Mobile App Development Technology

Best Mobile App Development Technology

@ MobileAPPtelligence
Mobile app developers guide their clients to choose the three available options by which their apps can be developed:
  • Web applications optimized for mobile
  • Native mobile applications
  • Hybrid applications

Mobile Web Development

Mobile web development is the development of regular web applications, but optimized to be viewed on a mobile or a tablet device. By definition, these applications will be accessed using the default browser that comes within these devices. For all devices the application will be deployed almost the same way. Many ecommerce websites and social networking websites have provided their mobile versions in the same way.
  • The best part is the usability of main source code. The code for all mobile operating systems is reused, so only one version should be maintained.
  • As the numbers of devices are ever growing, majority are using the top mobile OS. So deployment is easy.
  • The application will be accessed through a browser so there is no need to download at all.
  • For any update, you can do it directly and you need not wait for approval from app store.
  • Easier to develop and design within a browser using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Camera and other native components or support services can't be used with mobile web apps.
  • Cross browser support of lower version and new OS is a question.
  • There is no offline mode in this case.

Native Mobile App Development

Native mobile app development is the development of mobile apps that will be installed on the core file system of each mobile device and will be distributed in the markets of mobile applications such as AppStore (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Different apps are made for each mobile operating platform: one for android and one for iOS. The programming languages are used for these apps are also different, like Java (Android) or Objective-C (iOS), but there are also alternatives available
  • Native features like camera, accelerometer, maps can certainly be used
  • Apart from the native tools, there are many new technologies available to create the versions for different operating systems in with minimum changes
  • Better performance than the web applications
  • End users can find the apps on various stores and download it
  • A price tag can be placed on these apps if comes in paid category
  • Native mobile app development is bit more expensive
  • Putting app on app store is a tedious process and definitely takes a professional developer to manage it for you.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Now we have seen web applications and native mobile applications, is there is way to combine both for best of results. Use the native mobile app development when it is best or necessary to use the camera and other features, but use web technologies when features demand a connecting with external DB and other associated things. In hybrid app development, all infinite lists in the mobile application are native. All windows are native, they work as containers for web views. When the views are web views, a window is used to display the content or website. On other side, all the windows that need native phone functionality such as camera or others, use native components.
Phonegap allows mobile applications with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, but will be packaged as native applications. Titanium appcelerator uses web views to embed a web browser (*enternal) within a native window.
Android AI Assistant
The advancement in this sector has been a humongous one. There was a time when the Siri was the highest achievement in AI which is of course not the same anymore. With AI giants like Google assistant, IBM Watson, and Sophia, Android AI is uplifted like never before. It’s like AI is spreading its root in every corner of the globe. Even the homes are becoming smart and AI equipped with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. 51% of the AI market share is consumed by the Google Assistant.
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