Growing Trend of Mobile Application Development in Brand Building Today

Mobile Application Development Company India

Growing Trend of Mobile Application Development in Brand Building Today
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Mobile applications are used as a source of branding, which has produced positive result for majority of the organizations. Mobile application development have become an eminent part of business strategy. Implementation of mobile technology and mobile web apps has become a part of product promotion and creating a brand image in the market. This change in the outlook could be rightly credited to the increased usage of Smartphone, which has led to the exponential increment in the mobile app usage. The Mobile application development companies effectively designs the mobile apps for the mobile devices and rightly supports the purpose of branding, marketing and support for the host company.Today the enterprises have cultivated the concept of mobile app development being associated with branding of the business. Creating a brand image helps in the increment of the production and increasing the customer base.

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Mobile App Development in India

Mobile App Development in India


Mobile Application Development Company

A surprising 59.2 % of mobile add impressions was the contribution of mobile apps, while 48.8 % on the mobile web. Businesses view for user time and attention in the mobile apps, not websites and that’s why mobile app development companies and cross platform app development companies have great funnel of projects to execute.

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American users are now spending most of their time enjoying digital media within mobile applications they have downloaded to their mobile devices, according comScore. Mobile apps are thus reported to steal most of the users time than desktop usage or mobile web surfing.  The mobile apps along with mobile web captures 60% of time spent, whereas desktop-based digital media consumption trails behind at 40%. 90% of media consumption is also on mobile devices.

Traditional marketing methods don’t work as before. They are, often, very expensive too. Mobile application development is a modern business process to build your brand or boost the already existing brand. For example – connect your app with the Geo-locator in your client’s phone. When he comes near your store, your mobile app will give him a friendly notification that your store is in the neighborhood. Offer a discount for downloading your app and offer special discounts for orders from the mobile app. You can add ‘Wish list’ to your app so that you can remind him when the product is ready. A mobile app will provide a great platform to connect you with your client.

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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

An iPhone being one of the most popular device, mobile application development has become the key strategy that business are using to connect with global audience. The iPhone & Android applications can be developed for any category including gaming, business, productivity, entertainment, utility and similar ones. There are several mobile app development companies, which are releasing iPhone & android apps as products for end users to use directly.

Ranked as one of the best mobile application development company by Silicon Media, we have proven track record in delivering the iPhone applications and android applications. One of our recent projects, got more than half a million downloads on the client account. With a dedicated team of mobile app developers, we look forward to deliver cost-effective and high performance mobile apps for your business.

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As a leading mobile application development company, we have a team of top professionals in development of enterprise, e-commerce, educational, gaming and utility mobile apps. The mobile app developers are having great expertise in developing mission critical, data and performance centric apps using cloud web services like AWS (Amazon Web Services), NFC, Rackspace, Azure, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Content Delivery Networks etc.

Real-time Mobile Applications

In 2016, real-time applications will have a huge rise in the tech industry. Real-time analytics is finding rapid implementation in desktop and mobile applications. Dynamic analysis of the data with the help of data entered into the system in less than one minute is an add-on to real-time applications. It can give up-to-the-minute information on customers to help in making faster business decisions and give instant feedback to the customers.


Author is a mobile application development expert and has been involved in several gaming & productivity related mobile apps.


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Mobile payments are expected to gain traction.

In 2019, we will see the increase in the number of payments through mobile apps as most banks are now offering mobile banking services. Moreover, mobile wallets like Paytm have already created a loud buzz at the center and so we can expect some other players from mcommerce too joining the competition. Within the coming years, more and more people will be going to digital methods where the transfer of funds and transaction becomes a cakewalk. According to a recent report, the mobile payment is forecasted to reach $503 billion by 2020 with a compound annual growth rate of 80% between 2015-2020.

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