Mobile App Development Vs. Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Mobile App Development Vs. Responsive Web Design
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Mobile App Development

Mobile app development and responsive web design are the two words that we hear very often. The fast changing world of information and communications technology is pushing every business to upgrade its IT infrastructure. The means of reaching out to the customers and displaying the products and services offered by the company have also changed. At present the enterprise gives the opportunity to its consumer to go through and select the product they want to buy at the touch of their finger. I mean through mobile apps. Today, most of the businesses are using cloud computing to maximize the effectiveness of the shared resources. For the software, it includes the web solutions, mobility solutions including mobile app development and responsive web design. Choosing between mobile web development and responsive web could be indeed tough. Knowing more about these concepts and the benefits associated with them, may make your task of decision making easier.

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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Mobile App development Company

Organisations are trying to keep their pace with mobile revolutions and know that adopting to newer things like mobile app development can definitely let them do better than competition. Responsive websites are great because of browser compatibility and cross platform usage of the company’s business website.

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Now the question is whether one should go with a mobile app or a responsive website design at beginning. Below are few points, which may give answer to your question about how your mobile web presence should be.

If you have a special purpose or some sort of user interaction in mind, with special intention then a mobile app should be the way to go. If, on the other hand, you want to display your current website as it exists and on all devices, then the responsive web design should be your option.

  • The access speed of a mobile app is relatively fast compared to a mobile web design.
  • Your mobile app is available in different app store all the time
  • A Mobile app may have multiple content versions for each page whereas the content of a responsive website design is same regardless of any device or platform.
  • The development cost of mobile application development of course includes the cost of the mobile app developers in addition to a responsive web designer or a UI developer
  • Apparently the features of mobile apps include multiple phone features like location services, camera wherein a responsive website has limited phone features.
  • Mobile apps are available offline wherein the information in responsive websites will be available only when you are online.
  • Navigations or user interface in mobile apps are more interactive compared to responsive website design.
  • Usability and user access are better in mobile apps compared to responsive web design

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Website owner should decide on responsive website design and mobile app development based upon the development cost, implementation time frame, design approach, user experience, performance, and ongoing maintenance. Again monetisation is also an important factor. The rate in which the mobile apps can be monetised cannot be compared with mobile based website.

For example : A Car Rental App will be monetised faster compared to car rental website as the visitors find it easy to search and book the cars for transfers (oneway / bothway).

Mobile App Development Company

Mobile App Development Company

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Other salient features of a Car Rental App are as following:

  • Search cars in four efficient way – From Airport, To Airport, Point to Point and Hourly
  • Car list display with details
  • Easy address selection by google map
  • Airport search results by current location
  • Search car with multiple features
  • Multiple language support
  • Book a limo from app itself

Mobile App Security

Ensuring the security of mobile applications is crucial as many instances of hacking has happened in 2015. Several confidential and personal information are stored in apps which hackers are looking forward to take for themselves. Reports revealed that many apps couldn’t pass basic security tests. Therefore in 2016, Google and Apple are working hard to ensure that the apps built on Android and iOS could breach further hacks and data breaches.

Regarding Author:

Author is a senior business analyst and an expert in native mobile app development.


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Multiplatform app development is on the rise

Flutter was unveiled at Mobile World Congress (2017) and is currently in full use. This framework is the only mobile SDK providing reactive views with no need for a JavaScript bridge. Another promising solution is Kotlin/Native, a technology for compiling Kotlin to native binaries. It allows you to develop native apps with the help of native libraries and instruments (Xcode, Android Studio). All of the native platforms’ capabilities are available through Kotlin / Native.

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  1. Good info. Lucky me I found your site by accident (stumbleupon).
    I’ve saved itt for later!

  2. Google has taken a giant leap forward by launching first three inexpensive Android One devices recently. According to Google it is a “larger initiative to bring high-quality smartphones to as many people as possible.” The three devices launched are Spice Dream UNO, Karbon Sparkle V and Micromax Canvas A1.

    Talking about the Design, the location of volume rocker and wake up buttons is exactly same. Spice has the thickest bezel followed by Karbon and Micromax has the least of all. The back panel of Spice has a rubbery finish which is nice, Karbon comes with a plasticky finish which is also of fairly good quality and Micromax comes with a matte rubbery finish which feels good in hand.

    Google and Apple both are working hard to bring new technology to end users, which is a great WIN – WIN situation for end users.

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