Key factors to consider when choosing a Cross-Platform App Development Tool

Key factors to consider when choosing a Cross-Platform App Development Tool
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What is a Cross-Platform Application?

A Cross-Platform application is one which is developed to run on various platforms such as Android, IOS, Windows etc. In the beginning, these applications were built as native for each platform. This made the development of a single application quite costly and time-consuming. Although, now we have the tools that can serve to a single codebase to create an app for various platforms.

What is a Cross-Platform App Development Tool?

In simple language, a Cross-Platform App Development Tool is one using which you can create a single application for many platforms. Most of these Cross-Platform tools can be split into basically two types. The first one involves the compilation of code for a particular platform. For example, if you have written code in order to make the application run on IOS or Android, you have to compile them individually with a designated compiler. 

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Secondly, the codebase for these applications is written only once. Most of these applications can be run separately on any platform that too without any segregation. There are many famous Cross-Platform Frameworks out there which can be used by you. Although, each of the frameworks for cross-platform serves its own features.

Important Things to Keep in mind before Selecting a Cross-Platform App Development Tool

Ease of Development: This one is more important since not all the tools that are mentioned will be going through the same development process. For instance some platforms only Javascript while others might need several languages for the codebase. It is also important to check the ease of finding a developer within the budget. Talking about developing, it is not always easy to find a developer for the tool you are about to pick. For example, Flutter is based on DART which is very simple to learn but it doesn’t have such a powerful community base.

Code Reusability: This is really a major factor in choosing a Tool. The amount of code reusability your framework has, the higher quality will be in the future to maintain the app and deploy it for different platforms. For example, Code Reusability of Appcelerator Titanium lies between 60%-90%.

Platforms: Most of the frameworks that are made for cross-platform applications serve to all main platforms. Although, if you are thinking of developing an app for Tizen then it becomes crucial that the platform that you choose supports development in it.

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Nativity: This may sound a little ironic but it is important to check the extent of nativity a Cross-Platform Development tool can give to your app. It is a known fact that native applications are speedy. Although, in this context, it means how much control do you have over the code and integration. End of the day, nobody wants an app that isn’t that functional, slow, or choppy.

Libraries and Plugins: It is the battle between Flutter and React Native. React Native allow rto receive access to all the plugins on the internet and has a proper library. Although, Flutter on the other hand is more in-house giving you plugins and libraries that are developed by the Google team itself. Both of those aspects have their added advantages. Although, it is up to you to decide which way you wish to go.

Performance: Is the cross-platform Mobile app development tool which is being picked capable of giving performance savvy applications. It mainly depends on the code and the language used. Also plugins, libraries, and many other factors sum-up to the performance. Although, one can just check the list of apps developed and predict how performance these apps might be.

Hardware Requirements: Many applications that are developed have hardware requirements. Just check whether the framework you are selecting gets you that kind of support or not.

Time & Cost: Time is money, therefore, make sure the framework doesn’t take a whole lot of time to develop the application.

Maintenance: It is really important to check whether the application that you have developed is easy to or not.

Also, if you like this article then stay tuned since we will be adding more blogs in the coming future. We hope this article may have been of some help to you and your business. Also, thank you for reading it until the end. Till then…Happy Reading !!!

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