Indian Mobile App Developers’ Viewpoint on iOS8 and Android Lollipop for App Development Initiatives.

Indian Mobile App Developers’ Viewpoint on iOS8 and Android Lollipop for App Development Initiatives.
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Comparing iOS8 with Android Lollipop from the viewpoint of the developers, it has been revealed that the mobile app developers face more problems with iOS8 in comparison to android Lollipop. Google’s latest flavor Android Lollipop has less stability issues in comparison to Apple’s iOS8. This statement has been concluded after considering the crash report data of about 20,000 mobile apps developed using both the operating system. Many top mobile application development companies were included in this review.

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Mobile App Developers View - iOS and Android

Mobile App Developers View – iOS and Android

Taking a further look into the statistics of both iOs8 and Android Lollipop, it was found that for Apple’s iOS the percentage of app crash was about 2.2%. When we have a look into the same statistical report for Android, the app crash percentage for Android Lollipop stood at 2.0 percent. The analysis for the app crash report was conducted into depth and comparison of all the versions of iOS and Android revealed 2.5 percent crash rate for both Android and iOS. That’s why professional iOS development companies are having clear communication with end clients while defining the timeline of the project.

Since the release of both the version of iOS8 and Android Lollipop, it has been revealed the the crash rate has been improved from the earlier crash rate of 2.75 percent for iOS8 and 2.26 percent for Android Lollipop. This was the report that was generated in December 2014. Comparing iOS8 with the previous versions of Apple operating system like iOS7, it was found that the crash rate for iOS8 is more compared to the crash rate of iOS7 which is just 1.9 percent.

Coming to the maximum crash rate provided in related to the mobile device, Samsung Galaxy S5 takes the top position. Samsung Galaxy S5 has the maximum crash rate of 2.5 percent among the mobile devices, which is followed by Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S3. Android development companies are trying to gain due to improvement in the development speed.

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The crash report for the mobile operating system and mobile devices, further designates Apple’s iPhone 4S as the most unstable Smartphone manufactured by the company. The iPhone 4S constitutes of a crash rate of 2.21 percent. The iPhone 6 doesn’t stands behind too much, with a crash rate of 2.1 percent.

iOS and Android Apps Development

iOS and Android Apps Development

With the stiff competition among Android and iOS in the market, the number related to the crash rate may not cause a big concern for Apple as an organization. The only factor that would effect Apple is the comparison of iOS8 to its competitors latest release Android Lollipop.

AI, VR and IoT for mobile to enable brand innovation

The technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are used by mobile devices to scale brand innovation. Conversational apps will gain an advantage by the advancement of AI and personal assistants supported by voice feature. For e-commerce apps, travel apps and education apps, VR opens opportunities for next-gen developments.

Multiplatform app development is on the rise

Flutter was unveiled at Mobile World Congress (2017) and is currently in full use. This framework is the only mobile SDK providing reactive views with no need for a JavaScript bridge. Another promising solution is Kotlin/Native, a technology for compiling Kotlin to native binaries. It allows you to develop native apps with the help of native libraries and instruments (Xcode, Android Studio). All of the native platforms’ capabilities are available through Kotlin / Native.

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