How to optimise travel booking apps on various mobile app stores?

How to optimise travel booking apps on various mobile app stores?
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If a well-developed travel app is launched, then it is important to make App Store visibility too. Optimizing the app listing helps in improving the rankings and visibility of the app your travel company owns. It helps in gaining more revenue through the increased number of downloads. The visibility of the app developed for travel agency can add more value to your business.

Travel App Development

Travel App Development

Some of the best practices to be taken care of to gain app store listing are as follows:

  •         Choose most suitable app title
  •         Define a proper app description
  •         Choose keywords for app store
  •         App screenshots and app preview videos
  •         Selection of category

Choose most suitable app title: An ideal length for the title is not defined. Always it is better to use the brand name for your application too. This will help the customers of the travel app to easily find and download the application from the app store when the keyword is given. Apple recommends the usage of 25 characters for the titles. But it uses the full title for keyword targeting. A title can be created using keywords but make sure that it is not so long. The title should be concise and keyword-optimized to gain visibility in the app store.

Define a proper app description: The description of the app can go up to 4000 characters but the users can witness only first five lines. The rest of the characters will be added in the “more” link. The initial few lines of the app description should show the best features and value proposition of the travel app your company holds.

In the app store, descriptions can’t be written in bulletin points or in any other forms of formatting techniques. The description you write for your application should be readable and it should evoke interest in the minds of the users. Proper headlines with line breaks and hyphenation to call out special features can help you better.

The usage of keywords in the description won’t help your app to gain higher ranking in an app store. But it ensures the higher visibility in Google search. For eg; when people search for “travel apps” in Google, they get information on your travel app, if you have used the proper keyword in the app description.

Choose keywords for app store: The keyword field of app store can include only 100 words. All those 100 words should be chosen with utmost care that your app gets a high ranking. Make sure that the keywords used in the title are not repeated for app description. Phrases can be broken down into individual phrases and use only singular or plural form of a term. Every word should be separated by a comma and spaces have to be completed avoided.

App Development Companies

App Development Companies

App screenshots and app preview videos: Up to five screen shots can be created to gain benefits of app listing. Well-designed app images should be displayed initially on the app store. App preview videos appear in the first slot of the screenshot section and it should go no longer than 30 seconds. A limited amount of graphic or audio can add more value too.

Selection of category: When your travel app is submitted you need to select the primary and secondary category of it. Always make sure that you choose the most relevant categories for your application.

How mobile app development companies have made geo-fencing technique so popular?

Geo-fencing is one of the features of the software program that use the GPS of the mobile device to interact with the geographical boundaries. The mobile application development companies use the mobile operating system like iOS and Android to inform the application, when you come in and out of geo-fences. These devices have framework that helps in providing a location. With the help of this data, you can see the apps operating in and out of the specific cities.

Mobile payments are expected to gain traction.

In 2019, we will see the increase in the number of payments through mobile apps as most banks are now offering mobile banking services. Moreover, mobile wallets like Paytm have already created a loud buzz at the center and so we can expect some other players from mcommerce too joining the competition. Within the coming years, more and more people will be going to digital methods where the transfer of funds and transaction becomes a cakewalk. According to a recent report, the mobile payment is forecasted to reach $503 billion by 2020 with a compound annual growth rate of 80% between 2015-2020.

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