Hire Mobile App Design Services (iOS & Android) Company India

Mobile App Design Development

Hire Mobile App Design Services (iOS & Android) Company India
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The increase in the usage of Smartphones brings along with it an opportunity to make a name for yourself. This could be done through converting your creative idea into reality through the development of an app. Mobile app development and Mobile app designing are the two prominent words that you would come across, while creating a mobile app for your business. Mobile app design is a very important element of mobile app, as it helps in attracting your users towards the app. Hence it is very important to choose the right mobile app designer and the mobile app designing company. In India you would find ample mobile app development and mobile app designing companies. Mobile Apptelligence (http://www.mobileapptelligence.com) is leading mobile app design & Development Company, delivering native and cross platform mobile apps to global clients. We also provide mobile app design services & place dedicated mobile app developers at offshore to deliver concept based mobile apps.

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Mobile App Design Services

mobile app design services

mobile app design services

Mobile App Development Companies

Mobile app design is a key component for the development process. Design is not only about, how the apps look like but its about how the app is going to interact with the end users. Mobile app designers must follow certain key points while commencing a new project.

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Project scope assessment

A detailed project scope must be asked to assess over all design work. A complete project script is always helpful.

Understand the functional aspects

The most important thing is to understand is the business goal. Each project has it’s own business goal: extra revenue channels, brand identify or simply a mobile version of one’s web product.

Analyze audience

If enough thought in analysis of the product’s audience, one will save yourself a lot of errors as well as boost your chances of impressing your audience. For example, if the business people are in your target group, then a flashy/cartoony application will probably be a bad idea. A clean-cut design will, likewise, not impress any children.

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One must decide if a project is going to be released free of cost, or users will have to pay something to download. Based on that only the project and version release can be planned.


mobile app design services company

mobile app design services company

Why MobileApptelligence – http://www.mobileapptelligence.com?

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• A great team of 120+ mobile developers
• Great understanding of a wide range of business domains
• End-to-End expertise in new mobile apps development and migration, including iPhone / iPad app development and Android app development
• Proven ability to support multiple platforms via native or cross-platform technologies
• Short development cycles
• Continuous investment in learning new platforms and training.

Latest Project:

Project – Capital Travel and Tours

Location – Srilanka & Maldives

Scope –

  • UI / UX Design
  • Development – Android Development & Deployment

For Capital Travel and Tours, a travel mobile app was launched to cater online hotel bookings. Its connected with the hotel CRS backend and provides the users the option to search  and book the hotels in real time.

Influencer Marketing in 2017

By leveraging the reach of influencers, brands are able to generate high revenue from sales. Gaining influencer’s reach has proven to be the cost-effective content marketing strategy in 2016. According to the study conducted by McKinsey, 35% more retention rate was observed in influencer marketing campaigns than paid ads.

Regarding Author:

Author is a senior business analyst and an expert in native mobile development.





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In 2019, custom mobile app is a must for your brand.

It is not just the biggies like Amazon, Alibaba and Flipkart, who want to increase user experience and hence sales through their own mobile applications. Now even the smaller players including the local businesses want to have their own apps created according to their requirement. So, besides the traditional industries like healthcare, insurance, fitness, e-commerce and fintech, businesses as varied as food delivery, organic products, laundry services, plumbing, bespoke tailoring, handbags and accessories designing, etc. will want their own mobile apps suited specially to their niche customers.

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