Why mobile application development services will continue to grow in 2016?

Why mobile application development services will continue to grow in 2016?
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So far several reports have come up which explains the rapid growth of mobile app development industry. This has become an inspiration for many mobile app development companies to come up with innovative and user-friendly apps for the users. This has resulted in the speedy development of the mobile devices too. The mobile devices have drastically improved data speed; the launch of new operating systems and the development seen in the app stores have positively impacted the development of mobile app market.

mobile application development services

mobile application development services

Here are the 5 major key factors fueling the growth of app development services.

Powerful Processors: While new operating systems are being launched to the app development platforms, it is important for Google, Apple, and Microsoft to offer certain innovative features and technologies. iPhone 6s has iOS 9 as OS which is embellished with new features and high battery backup. It supports other Apple devices like iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and the 4th generation Apple TV. This has encouraged other app developers to focus on upgraded versions of OS on their app development platforms. When more and more mobile devices are released into the market with high processing power, the app developers are forced to build robust applications which work in tandem with the new processors.

Innovative Mobile Devices: As you all know technology has gone far beyond smartphones and tablets. Now wearable devices are trending in the tech market. Google Glass and Apple Watch are examples of wearable devices. These devices could transform the conventional usage of mobile phones and apps. This innovative feature of smart devices has enabled the app developers to build certain apps which are compatible with these devices.

Operating Systems (OS): Mobile app development industry is reined by Android and iOS platforms. The users for Windows and Blackberry phones are reducing at a great pace. In the future, we shall witness the entry of several operating systems entering the app development industry. It is expected that the future OS will help in generating more business and thereby app development market will prosper in an increasing rate.

mobile application development services

mobile application development services

Enterprise app optimization: The number of mobile users has increased and also the masses using the internet through phone has tremendously increased too. So mobile-friendly websites are essential to provide a better look and feel to the website visitors. Now designers use responsive design methods to create websites which are compatible with different mobile devices of various screen sizes. Some of the companies are opting for customized enterprise apps to cut short the expenses of the company. It is expected that almost all the e-commerce companies shall move to the app services to engage and interact with the customers.

Building connection between mobile and other devices: Nowadays, most of the people use smartphones for their daily needs. For placing an airline reservation or buying groceries, people find it easy to browse and make their bookings easier through mobile phones. It is because mobile devices are handy and therefore it will give you the comfort to do things at any particular moment. Mobile phones are even used to operate TV, video game consoles and so on. Giant players like Samsung and Google are concentrating on giving innovative technologies that help users to operate their various appliances with their smartphone. This will result in the development of customized mobile applications to connect different objects.

Most of the enterprises are paying attention to cross-platform mobile app development services. The popularity and usage of each platform determine the future of mobile app development. You can hire top developers from the well-known app development companies within your budget and scheduled time. The shift to app development technology and gain more prospective customers for your business.

How does mobile commerce help online retailers and web stores?

Global ecommerce industry is growing leaps and bounds by the help of mobile ecommerce technology. Online retailers are seeing more orders through mobile rather than web version,  thus pushing demand of mobile app development companies to next level.

Below are the four key parameters, driving the growth for ecommerce domain through mobility and online payment systems. India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria are seeing great movement in this sector.

5G wireless is just around the corner.

While 2018 was the year when fixed 5G apps found their legs, in 2019 we will see 5G wireless finding its way to our Smartphones. 5G will expand the potential outcomes that present systems like 4G LTD offer by not only improving the user experience but additionally the mobile application development market. Applications that currently take minutes to download, under 5G, will be available in not more than seconds. It is 100 times quicker than 4G and will expand the application market as the possibilities for applications will be tremendous.

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