What is Android Instant Apps? Why Should You Have One?

What is Android Instant Apps? Why Should You Have One?
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One out of five users abandon a mobile app after their first use. This effectually means that 20% of users of apps have reason to find the offerings inappropriate or of little value to meet their specific user needs. This painful statistic describes the problem faced by users and businesses alike. And this is where Google looks to have pulled a rabbit out of its hat, with the Instant App.

Users are more likely to abandon an app if the functionalities were misread or confusing. Decisions are changes in hindsight. Google’s Instant App is the little bridge that gives users the power of hindsight, without having to go through the entire cycle of downloading-installation. Users get to check out a few specific features that is at the heart of their requirements without downloading the full app. This amazing feature TRY before USE is ONLY applicable to the native android applications.

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What are the Benefits of Android Instant App for your business?

The powerful motivator for businesses to try out Instant Apps is the greater visibility offered. As of June 2019, there were around 2.7 million apps on Google Play Store. Given the amount of competition, it is possible to comfortably take in that for any given function or feature, there are multiple apps on Google Play Store. The challenge faced by businesses has always been the need to be ranked right on top at the app store list. The top challenges addressed by Instant Apps include:

1 Breaking free from the competition in the segment:

This is a massive challenge for many businesses that do not experience respective growth. In other words, while the number of downloads and users are likely to increase proportionately over time, the possibilities of an app overtaking others in terms of downloads and occupying the top spot are not very bright, unless the app offers ultimate innovation and entire features. Instant Apps provide businesses the opportunity to break free and overtake the battling within the segment.

2 Ability to promote the app on any channel and medium:

The promotion of a normal app was typically restricted to a bounded playing field. Instant Apps are largely popular due to the chance to promote the little modules as searchable elements. The link to the app gets to be present on multiple platforms, including social media, offering increased options for promoting the app. In other words, it is possible to gain higher quality visibility as a result of the bite-sized applications make a features in different platforms. Businesses can get around the challenge of appearing high on the app store list.

3 Higher conversion rates:

Users who got the specific benefits of the app to be more convenient and excellently aligned with their accurate requirements are more likely to convert into full-fledged customers. Users who are not impressed enough to download an app are less likely to turn into customers, and this is where Instant Apps are the game changer. Users find the lightweight recourses more convenient and hassle-free and are more likely to try out an easy and simple feature. This will help you to increase conversion rates.

4 Usage of functions without eating into storage space:

The latest crop of smartphones available in the market definitely has more computing power and data storage space. But it may not be practical to await every user to have the very latest mobile device. And regardless of the storage space, users will find that space is always at a premium with high-quality designs and media files occupying up most of the space. And when it comes to trimming files and making space on a smartphone, the axe falls on apps that may not be used all the time. With the Instant Apps, users will not find the need to take hard decisions and proceed to use the functions without taking up storage space on the device.

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Take the assistance of our experts:

Instant Apps are differentiators, quite unlike the usual transformation watched in app development. It is the true value differentiator required in a market that is choking with the competition. Users get to see and use a component without having to download the whole app. At MobileApptelligence, the quality-driven processes, technical expertise and domain experience combine to offer clients advanced and progressive solutions. 
Our android app development team comprises some of the sharpest minds, who possess the experience to skillfully help clients decide on refactoring the apps and breaking down the functionalities into modules. This is critical to the success of Instant Apps – businesses need to identify the features/functionalities that are most sought after, and at MobileApptelligence, our development teams help businesses to categorized the apps into the most suitable, searchable options.

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