What are the major features of developing a successful Android app?

What are the major features of developing a successful Android app?
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Things have turned out to be so natural nowadays! – Thanks to the astonishing innovative devices; we can, now, simply tap our mobile phones and essentially do everything; appropriate from booking tickets to paying our bills! Furthermore, this simplicity of-work would not be conceivable without mobile applications! There are many of them, which helps us to play out a few exercises from the comfort of our home, office or while we are traveling.

Successful Android App Development

Successful Android App Development

Truth be told, mobile application development have turned into a help for business people – Enterprise portability would not have been a reality at any rate in not so distant future.

Set Feedback System

Feedback resemble a mirror – It demonstrates the impression of a brand; it indicates how individuals see you and assesses your services. This makes it compulsory for Android mobile applications to have an Feedback System setup.

This component has been the most loved among numerous partners; since it gives them the ability to emphatically exhibit their conclusions. At any rate, returning to this element; you can give a connection to an email or a catch to give the criticism. Simply recall, whichever way you pick, guarantee that clients have quickest approach to report bugs, and give reactions and proposals. Let’s check out the major features of developing a successful Android app for your business.

Concentrate on Usability

You are building up the application to make things simple for your clients – So, don’t concentrate on making a stunning aesthetic perfect work of art – you are not making a sight to behold. Essentially concentrate on an interface that gives enormous convenience, makes the application more natural, open, and professional.

What’s more, in what manner will you do it – Simply take after the application progression of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other such applications. Clients are extremely attached to wonderful outlines at the same time, essentially adore an application having astounding and straightforward routes!

The magnificence lies in Simplicity

It turns out to be extremely enticing to make an ‘feature-rich’ application and that is totally fine, if the elements are really intended to fill its need. In any case, there are a few such applications with a group of little and not really imperative components that kills the beauty (and ease of use) of your Android application.

The most ideal way is, simply adhere to the fundamental things that clients seek and create them precisely on similar lines. Focus on enhancing its functionalities and abstain from over-burdening it with undesirable elements.

Online networking Connectivity

Essential point of your Android application ought to be to give preeminent UX; so guarantee to give a simple sign-in get to. For instance, you can give clients, the alternative to login utilizing their previous Facebook, Google+ or Twitter accounts. Obviously, when you consider such arrangements, be careful about having straightforward arrangements to review passwords and login names.

Features of Android app development

Features of Android app development

Keep Relevancy

Immateriality is an executioner – Make beyond any doubt that the application substance ought to be something that is an expansion of your site. Along these lines, don’t get into creating versatile encounters which is a negligible impression of a web program. It is totally pointless, filling no need, at all. Primary concern; simply focus on displaying pertinent data to guarantee another experience that outperforms the casings of your versatile site.

Make it Touch Sensitive

On the off chance that you need ensured accomplishment for your application; simply focus totally on ‘touch support’. Mobile application that needs a mouse or console to keyboard function is a total miss out a great opportunity and unfavorably influences the mobility. An exceptional versatile application is the one with a capacity to be naturally usable without straining the clients’ consideration and this can be conveyed by ‘touch support’.

How push notifications in B2C mobile applications are helping business sell and market more?

Mobile app development companies are integrating custom push notifications in B2C apps. This has 50% higher read rate with click-through rates, which improves the possibility of viewing and response. At MobileAPPtelligence, we study the business model of clients and propose the cutting edge features to take user interaction to next level.

Android AI Assistant

The advancement in this sector has been a humongous one. There was a time when the Siri was the highest achievement in AI which is of course not the same anymore. With AI giants like Google assistant, IBM Watson, and Sophia, Android AI is uplifted like never before. It’s like AI is spreading its root in every corner of the globe. Even the homes are becoming smart and AI equipped with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. 51% of the AI market share is consumed by the Google Assistant.

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