What are the 8 key features to improve the performance of your app?

What are the 8 key features to improve the performance of your app?
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Are you planning to launch a new mobile application to improve your business? Do you really think that it is helpful in enriching your business? Then you need to have 8 universal features to keep in your mind before you start creating your application irrespective of the business you own. A good application is the only one that satisfies the need of the customers. Let’s check out those 8 key features to improve the performance of your app.

Key features of app development

Key features of app development

Simple design: Build a simple and convenient UI for the customers. This should be considered as the most important feature of the app building process. You should never give a chance to your users to switch to another app for availing the same service you provide. Any functionality given in a simple form can improve the functioning of your app. So always follow simple app design trends. This is helpful in making user-friendly and popular among other people.

Android and iOS platforms: These two app development platforms are most popular and widely developed by everyone. Other platforms are not so popular when compared to these platforms. You need to hire Android or iOS developers to get the app development process done. You should test these apps in various specific devices to identify the gap and rectify the issues.

Performance: The performance of the app should be good which means it has to load faster. It should be thoroughly tested by testing team to assure the quality of the app. Good performance of your app brings in more customers and helps in retaining existing customers.

App security: The app security is the vital element of your app. It has to be ensured that your users’ information should not be easily hacked by anyone. Proper encryption has to be done to prevent leakage of information from your application.

Feedback and contact forms: You should make sure that you collect timely feedback from the clients. You should be open to the clients and collect valuable feedback from them. This will allow your customers to get engaged with your products and leave their suggestions, rates or reviews on your product or service. This allows you to improve the service quality and improve the goodwill of the company.

Support and update of the app: For long-term sustainability, the apps have to be updated according to new versions of platforms. The server has to be maintained and the content should be up-to-date. In case of any need, you should add new feature to your app.

8 Factors for a successful mobile app

8 Factors for a successful mobile app

Search option: When your app has lot of information, it is wise to categorize your services or products. You can provide space for search or give proper filtering to easily find their desired product.

Social media integration: You can share a potential customer feedback on social media to attract the attention of a huge crowd. If you are running any new offer or discount, you can share it in your post to gain maximum visibility.

Personalization: Personalization is something which is widely accepted by all the users. Flexible settings, font and color changes are certain things loved by the users. It can improve the experience of your app usage.

Analytics: This will allow to track users and attain their entire information regarding the user behaviour very soon. This will help to push market your service or product according to the user requirements. Also, this will help to upgrade your app.

These 8 factors are the kernel points to make your app successful in the market. Once your app is downloaded, it doesn’t mean that your job is done. You have to do frequent updates and promotions to attract the user.

What is the scope of Android application development services in education and teaching verticals?

Android application development services have seen great surge in last few years. Educational apps have covered a long journey, since the time it was introduced into the market. In the beginning people were apprehensive towards Android educational apps and named it as “the new wild west”. The immense growth of the Android educational app has given us the power to dream a future education system which would not require the students to carry book to school, an iPad or a tablet would serve the purpose.

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