Steps to prevent customers from leaving your Mobile Shopping Cart

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Steps to prevent customers from leaving your Mobile Shopping Cart
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Mobile application and mobile website have become the source that will engage the customers into making more purchase from the company. In one way these mobile applications and mobile websites have taken the form of a revenue generator. E-Marketer predicts that by 2016, mobile commerce will do a business of $87 billion, which is almost a quarter of all E-commerce. Mobile app development and responsive e-commerce website have become tools for e-trailers to do well. The main problem arises while conducting business through mobile app and mobile website is preventing the buyers from leaving your shopping cart and making them buy your products. There are a few important things, which one should take care so that the customers do not leave your site without buying.

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Mobile Shopping Cart Development

Mobile Shopping Cart Development

Mobile App Development

As per studies, 67.5% leave online shopping carts without buying. There may be many small reasons behind it. Mobile cart may be too slow or your mobile app may have crashed. If the price is quoted in a foreign currency, some customers may abandon. Sometimes, the customer pays, but the payment is declined. More than enough payment security checks also drive some buyers away at the last minute.

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Mobile Shopping Cart

Mobile Shopping Cart

Customers reach your mobile shopping cart, but abandon it without buying any of your products. It’s heartbreaking indeed, isn’t it? We can ignore the ‘window shoppers’ in the cyber world. But what about the real, potential customers who go to other sites and buy?

Despite the internet’s blazing fast pace, cart abandonment is extremely high. Why do so many customers abruptly leave the mobile shopping cart during the checkout process? Strong research has been done to counter the situation and following are the steps:

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Difficult navigation – Shoppers of your mobile shopping cart may quickly abandon if they find the navigation difficult. The mobile cart should clean and clutter-free to bring a client to conversion.

Mobile Shopping Carts

Mobile Shopping Carts

High shipping costs or additional fees – According to a Forrester study, a large percent of customers who abandon the shopping carts do so due to high shipping costs. Additional cost, which is displayed at the end by adding the shipping or the additional cost, definitely diverts clients.

Insecure checkout – Today the clients are aware about the web security and want to but from the ecommerce websites, which are SSL secured. If users do see a seal of trust, they can abandon their decision of making a purchase.

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Too many steps – Users appreciate the mobile shopping cart software, which have minimum steps to make the purchase. Three steps are considered ideal.

Successful Mobile App Development

Though billions of smartphones available in the market, users look forward to using new applications to meet their requirements. So the app development companies have to use advance development opportunities to build successful apps in a fastest way. Multiple platforms for development and non-coding applications development tools are available in the market, which reduces the time and effort taken for the initial release of the application.

Author is a senior business analyst and an expert in native mobile app development.


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