Mobile App Use in First Half of 2014

Mobile App Use in First Half of 2014
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The demand for Mobile Apps has been growing over the years. 2014 has been a great year when it comes to mobile app development. 2014 is regarded as the year of mobile app development. Due to the rising demand of mobile apps, new innovation and creative ideas have been implemented in the development process.When we pass into the second half of 2014, mobile apps have defeated the mobile web. Apps have come to dominate mobile traffic, according to leading mobile survey company, which studied 300 billion ad impressions in the first half of 2014.Mobile apps have captures every sector. Some of the sectors where mobile apps have tasted success are gaming apps, educational apps, travel apps, health apps, etc. In the year 2015 the mobile app development industry is about to witness further growth. This improving growth curve of mobile apps would be achieved by exploring sectors like Pharmacy and other related fields where mobile apps have enough space to grow.

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Mobile App Development Company

Mobile App Development Company

Mobile App Development

A surprising 58.2 percent of mobile ad impressions was the contribution of mobile apps while 48.8 percent on the mobile web. Businesses vie for user time and attention in the mobile apps, not websites and that’s why mobile app development companies and cross platform app development companies have great funnel of projects to execute.

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American users are now spending most of their time enjoying digital media within mobile applications they have downloaded to their mobile devices, according comScore. Mobile apps are thus reported to steal most of the users’s time than desktop usage or mobile web surfing.  The mobile apps along with mobile web, captures 60% of time spent, whereas desktop-based digital media consumption trails behind at 40%. Ninety per cent of media consumption is also on mobile devices.

Cross Platform App Development

Cross Platform App Development

One-third of US app users, nowadays, download at least one application per month. The average smart-phone user downloads 3 apps per month. The average number of running apps in a smartphone is 40. Most of the users are addicted to them. Nearly 80% of app users use apps nearly every day, accurately saying, 26 days a month.

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This upsurge in mobile app use reflects in many fields like travel booking, for example, the per cent of users who booked travel products or services on tablets and smartphones at least once in the past 12 months was 25% in April 2014, and expected to reach 30% next year. In the coming months, more and more people will be booking their flights and hotels through the apps of travel operators. The travel booking apps provide them convenience, flexibility, discounts and special offers, the facilities which gradually drag them away from the conventional ways of booking.

mobile app use 2014

mobile app use 2014

On Feb 28, 2014, CNN gave the breaking news that the Americans used smartphone and tablet apps more than PCs to browse the Internet in January 2014, for the first time. 55% of Internet browsing was done through mobile devices. Apps had a share of 47% whereas mobile web had 7%, according to Enders Analysis.

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This is not a phenomenon seen only in the US. Developing economies like India also joins the mobile app race. With 111 million smartphone users, India ranks as the fourth largest smartphone market globally after China (629.2 million), US (196.8 million) and Brazil (141.8 million), according to the latest reports. This will lead to astonishing rise in mobile app use in the coming months.

Reduced Timeframe for App Development

With more than one billion active smartphones worldwide, there is a great demand for all sorts of applications for different platforms. In 2016, it is expected that the time period is reduced for application development. It all depends on the efficiency of the developers. Also factors like app build and implementation strategy and usage of the latest tools will help in speedy development of the app. In particular, the mobile application development companies in the US and India have already taken up the challenge.

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5G wireless is just around the corner.

While 2018 was the year when fixed 5G apps found their legs, in 2019 we will see 5G wireless finding its way to our Smartphones. 5G will expand the potential outcomes that present systems like 4G LTD offer by not only improving the user experience but additionally the mobile application development market. Applications that currently take minutes to download, under 5G, will be available in not more than seconds. It is 100 times quicker than 4G and will expand the application market as the possibilities for applications will be tremendous.

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  1. In the beginning of 2014, Google launched Android Wear. With the releases of the Android-powered LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, there came an avalanche of apps enhanced for Wear. Innovations like offline music playback and GPS support to Android Wear were introduced. Sony SmartWatch 3, with transflective display and GPS sensor, will soon join the Android bandwagon. With these innovations in place, mobile app use is bound to increase. Thanks for sharing the information as I found something crisp on cross platform on –

  2. Great shift in digital paradigm in mobile app usage. Study shows there has been 21% increase in mobile app usage market.

  3. App testing a key part after mobile apps development, while its more important if you are developing a cross platform app.

    Build a world-class mobile usability testing process
    Go for un-moderated testing
    Follow all best practices that all companies need to embrace today

  4. According to a recent report from Vision Mobile in London (Developer Economics Q1 2014: State of the Developer Nation), there are an estimated 2.3 million individuals working as mobile app developers worldwide. Of this population, Asia is the continent with the largest number of working app developers, estimated to be around 760,000 people, or 32.9 percent of the total. Europe comes in second, with approximately 680,000 individual app developers (an estimated 330,000 app developers are working in the EU specifically) for 29.7 percent of the total. North America comes in a close third, also with some 680,000 developers, but just 29.4% of the global developer population.

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